Badboy Software and WatchMouse Announce Partnership


Badboy Software and leading Web Site Monitoring company WatchMouse are pleased to announce a formal partnership to pursue opportunities for collaboration through combining their unique software and service offerings.

WatchMouse, based in Utrecht, The Netherlands is a market leader in Web Site Monitoring services and provides real time performance and quality monitoring for thousands of companies around the world including top brand names from Europe, the US and the Asia Pacific region.

"With Badboy Software's in depth experience in functional testing and WatchMouse's extensive infrastructure, technology and know how for running enterprise grade monitoring solutions, we have a unique opportunity for collaboration" said Simon Sadedin (Founder and owner of Badboy Software).

"In both cases there are segments of the market looking to cross between the two domains: people running critical infrastructure who want to extend their monitoring into deeper and richer transactions, and then also those who already have extensive investment in functional tests and would like nothing more than to be able to leverage that investment to easily set up monitoring for their live applications."

To kick off the partnership WatchMouse and Badboy are today launching a combined offering which allows users to easily record scripts using Badboy, (Badboy Software's professional grade functional testing tool) and send them straight to WatchMouse to run as monitored scripts at 25+ stations around the globe.

Anybody interested in trying the combined service can sign up for a free trial by selecting the option on the download page.