Badboy Software Announces Partnership with NMQA


Badboy Software is pleased to announce a formal partnership with NMQA Ltd, based in London, United Kingdom. The firms will pursue opportunities for collaboration across various aspects of their businesses including technology, training, consulting and software development.

"NMQA and Badboy Software have a tremendous synergy due to compatible philosophies and a highly complementary suite of technologies and skills. As such this partnership offers great potential for both firms to expand their reach and technology footprint", said Simon Sadedin (Founder, Badboy Software).

Operations Director at NMQA Ltd, Jason Westhorpe commented: "NMQA have recognised the unique tools that BadBoy Software provides to our clients in the testing arena. The partnership is the first logical step in a line of joint ventures. We're looking forward to a long and mutually beneficial partnership."

Badboy Software and NMQA have both been in operation for 8 years and provide a variety of products and services in the Software Quality industry.