New Features and Enhancements in Badboy 2.2

Badboy 2.2 is planned to include many new features targeted to address the needs of our users. A key initial focus has been to ensure compatibility with new versions of Windows and IE, including Windows 8 and IE10. In addition to that, a major revamp of Badboy's Navigation Recording Mode has been performed to significantly improve reliability on demanding, dynamic Ajax driven web sites. Reflecting the great rise in usage of client side driven web applications, Badboy 2.2 now changes the default recording mode to Navigation Mode instead of Request Mode. This will siginficantly increase the success rate for new users who start using Badboy from day one on complex web sites.

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Notable new features so far include:

Badboy 2.2 is currently in beta state and is a work in progress - now more than ever, your suggestions can help to guide development to address your most important needs through the Feedback Page

Greatly Improved Navigation Mode

Web sites have increasingly become driven by Ajax style, client side operations, making Badboy's old default Request Mode less suitable, and comprehensive support for Ajax ever more important. This release includes vastly more robust support for recording Ajax interacations, as Badboy now closely records and emulates the complete realistic set of DOM events and timings associated with navigations.

For example, when clicking and entering text into auto-complete fields, Badboy is sensitve to time taken to generate the autocomplete options, possible Ajax requests generated by the generation process and the need to correctly simulate focus and blur events to the controls on playback so that the fields do not lose focus at critical moments that make them "disappear". Badboy monitors mouse hover events as well as mouse down, up and focus events in recording to give maximum sensitivity to the correct playback order of these events.

Badboy has been extensively tested and tuned to work with dozens of web frameworks and complex web sites so that recording and playback will be easier and better than ever!

NOTE: Navigation Mode is now the default recording mode in Badboy. However there is a new setting in preferences to set the default mode back to Request Mode.

Screening of Page During Sensitive Recording Operations

One problem beginners (and more experienced users) run into is clicking or interacting with a page before it has completely finished loading. Such interaction can contaminate Badboy's view of the correct sequence of loading events, and thus cause incorrect recordings. For example, if you manage to fill out and submit the login form before the login page finishes loading in its entirety, more than likely Badboy will record this as a single interaction instead of a page load followed by a form population and submission.

To assist with this, Badboy now "screens" the page during page loads to both give a visual indication of the process and also to ensure that you can't click until Badboy is ready to record the next interaction.

Improved HTML Report

New Variable Syntax for Testing Date Driven Functionality

Testing time-sensitive functions can be a particularly challenging task. A date recorded today may be invalid tomorrow. Different users may use different formats for their dates. Calendars and data selection user interfaces can be complex and require very specific and context sensitive handling. Badboy 2.2 now offers special date features to help you test date functions in your web applications more reliably.

The date functionality is driven by a special new variable syntax that enables you to generate date values relative to the current date in a flexible manner. For example, date expressions can consist of the following examples, which should be readily understandable:

In addition to this, Badboy now has a Date Format in preferences that you can use to specify the format you would like for date expressions in your tests. Using this you can specify your own, locale specific format for how full dates are represented.

Enhanced Cookie Killer

Previous versions of Badboy gave you an "all or nothing" type approach to resetting cookies. Badboy now lets you use a regular expression to select which domains you would like to delete cookies for.