New Features and Enhancements in Badboy 2.1

Badboy 2.1 is a significant update to Badboy including a lots of new features as well as fixes for a wide range of issues. A major focus has been to improve compatibility with new versions of Windows such as Windows Vista and Windows 7, and also with IE8. As always, your feedback has been crucial in helping to understand your needs and to improve Badboy in line with them.

Notable new features include:

These are just the big features - there are a huge number of improvements and bug fixes that make Badboy easier to use, more stable and better performing than ever. The best way to discover them all is just to try it out!

Improved Reports

Many people mentioned problems in understanding or using the HTML Report generated by Badboy. The report has now been improved in many ways to help:

Download Handlers

A significant number of people found handling File Download prompts difficult with Badboy. In the past this meant adding items to send key strokes to the IE generated popup windows, something that was complex and tedious at best, unreliable and failure prone at worst. Now Badboy includes a tool specifically for handling File Downloads - just drop the tool inside any item in your script that invokes a download prompt and Badboy will handle it for you in a manner that you can configure.

AJAX Form Population

As more and more web sites use advanced Javascript based techniques to automate forms it gets harder and harder to make automated tests that work by simply filling out the fields. Badboy now gives you the option of simulating the normal DOM events occur when values are populated into fields so that web pages that rely on getting these events to work will behave appropriately.

Error Handlers and Retries

A common problem people reported was that when things went wrong Badboy just kept on playing and sometimes that was very time consuming and undesirable. Another related problem was that sometimes items fail due to temporary outages that are better ignored. In both cases, Badboy gave insufficient options to deal with the situation. To help with this, Badboy now supports an Error Handler setting in the properties of all playable items so that you can set how Badboy should respond. One of the new options included is Retry which clears the original error and attempts to execute the item again.

Error Handlers let you respond to errors in new ways

External JavaScript Files

As more and more web sites use advanced Javascript, so too are tests. Badboy now makes it easier to include your own Javascript libraries in a page by adding direct support for including Javascript files in JScript items.

Waitable Assertions

Many people reported situations where it was difficult to test pages that take a very long time to respond or pause for a long time before continuing as part of their normal operation. In these cases Badboy naturally assumes that page is finished loading and tries to execute Assertions immediately. Badboy now includes an option to allow the Assertion to wait a period of time for its checks to pass instead of requiring them to pass immediately.

Recursive Spiders

Previously, Spider Items could only descend one level deep into your web site. This was useful but many people expressed a desire for Badboy to be able to probe more deeply. Badboy now allows this by letting you nest Spider Items inside each other. Spider Items will recursively iterate as many levels deep as you have nested Spiders.

Manual Review Support

Despite our best efforts, most applications end up with some functions or aspects that are quite difficult or even impossible to automate testing for. Sometimes there is simply no replacement for a human looking at a page and making a judgement about whether it is right or wrong. Badboy now helps you automate even these parts of your web site / application testing with Manual Review Checkpoints. At any point in your script that you wish to have reviewed manually later on, just drop a manual review check point in and Badboy will capture a screen shot for you. At the conclusion of your script, just fire up the Review Report to view all the screen shots along with notes in a complete report. You can even use the Send Email tool to email the report to you at the end of your script so you don't forget!

Documentation Export

Badboy now contains a beautiful HTML report for saving your test documentation in a printable or easily viewable form outside of Badboy. The entire structure of your script is translated into clean HTML including all documentation you have created for your Suites, Tests and Steps.

Window Caption Checks

Badboy now includes a tool for probing and testing the text in native widgets such as buttons, text fields, window frames and other controls (not inside the browser window). This can allow Badboy to be used for some simple checks of text inside non-browser windows.

Improved Support for References

References get much better support in Badboy 2.1 with many enhancements across the board. There is now an Open Office Importer which allows you to import headings from Open Office as References that automatically inherit the numbering of headings from the source document. In addition, mappings of references to Tests in your script are displayed in the References List so it is easy to see which References have been mapped. Also, when the summary details for a Test are displayed in the Summary View, details of any References that are linked to the Test are shown as well. This makes it very easy to understand what the purpose of a Test is (for example, which Requirements or Bugs it tests).