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What version of Internet Explorer does Badboy use?

Badboy uses the default version of Internet Explorer you have installed on your computer. Most features of Badboy work with versions of IE from 5.0 upwards. Versions 5.0 and upwards should support all Badboy features. Scripts that you save should work across different versions of Internet Explorer. Badboy does not ever use a browser other than Internet Explorer, even if Internet Explorer is not your default browser.

What version of Windows does Badboy support?

Badboy is developed and tested under Windows XP and Windows Vista. The following platforms are supported for general use:

  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista - 2.0 onwards
  • Windows 7 - 2.1 onwards
Please note that Windows 95 and Windows NT are not supported and have known issues.

What are the features restricted in the unregistered version?

There are intentionally very few features restricted when you don't enter a license key. We want everyone to be able to use and evaluate Badboy for real projects.

As a small "reward" there a few minor features that are improved or unrestricted when you enter a license key:

  • the splash screen displays "Registered" instead of the red "Unregistered" message
  • The Email item in the Toolbox is unlimited (unregistered users can only send up to 50 characters by email)
  • Screen shots captured by Badboy can have the "Badboy" watermark removed (otherwise there is always an imprint in the top left corner)
  • You can capture screen shots of other windows than just the browser

If you are in a category that is allowed to use Badboy for free but are impacted by these restrictions, please contact and ask about getting a free registration key.

How can I get support for problems I have using Badboy?

There are several channels for getting help with Badboy. The first thing to do is to make sure you have read the help file (under Badboy's Help menu) and the FAQ (you are reading it now!). If that doesn't help, the next best option is to post a message in the forum where you are very likely to get responses from Badboy developers as well as other users. If you prefer not to post in the forum, you can send a private message detailing your problem via the Feedback Page. Finally, if you are a paying user you can send an e-mail with all the details (including screenshots, scripts, etc) to support. In this case you will definitely get a response and we will work with you to try and resolve your issue.

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