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Is Badboy Free?

No - Badboy is free neither as in Beer or as in Speech - however check out the License Agreement to find out whether you are required to pay a license fee. Many users aren't. Having said that, if you strongly believe you could make a positive contribution to Badboy in some way, or have a particular need or reason to have the source code, send an e-mail to - all options will be listened to.

How does Badboy compare to the big name capture/replay testing tools on the market?

If you want a huge, complex tool with hundreds of menus and an entire built in scripting language that requires a training course to understand - well, it's possible Badboy is not for you. But if you want a simple tool that is easy to use but still does 95% of tasks then Badboy could be perfect. We believe that in most cases the value of having an easy-to-use tool that you can afford to deploy across your whole team is far greater than that of the "super-tool" that is used and understood by only one or two people. With the friendliest license terms around you can't afford not to try Badboy!

Sometimes when I browse, the link turns red but never turns black again. After that, I can't record any more.

This happens sometimes when you confuse Badboy by browsing too fast or initiating too many actions at once. Badboy is watching everything and trying to sort out what is going on. If you send multiple requests at the same time, Badboy can get confused and end up waiting for requests to finish that were cancelled, errored out or were redirected. To avoid this, browse "one click" at a time - letting each request finish completely before continuing on. If you do end up with a hangover request in red, just cancel it by right clicking on it and record that request again.


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