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Badboy and Wave Test Manager support plugins that can extend their functionality. This means you can add your own tools, buttons, views and features to Badboy! Or, you can take advantage of plugins provided by others.


Badboy Plugins

Wave Test Manager Plugins

Test Creation WizardQuickly create a test for all the links and buttons on a page!1.0Badboy Softwaredownload
Ssssh Adds a handy button for toggling Silent Mode On and Off 1.0Badboy Softwaredownload
WatchMouse Upload your scripts to your WatchMouse account with a simple click of a button. 1.0Badboy Softwaredownload
Open Office Importer Import headings from Open Office as references into Badboy 1.0Badboy Softwaredownload

All plugins listed are licensed under BSD or equivalent free software licenses, meaning that you are free to use, modify, and redistribute them without cost.


The easiest way to install plugins is to download them with Badboy itself. If you do that, Badboy should offer to install the plugin for you. If you don't want to do that, you just need to use an "unzip" tool to unzip the plugin file into the "badboyplugins" folder inside the Badboy installation directory.

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